ADHD Tools for Success seminar series

Start the year off right with these tools for a successful 2021!

Jan 26 & Feb 2 - FOUR (1-hour) SEMINARS

We’re offering two, 1-hour seminars each night with a 15-minute break between sessions. Pay $25 for each seminar or register for the package of all four and pay only $75. Save $25

Tuesday, Jan 26th

  • 7 pm EST - "The Impact of the ADHD Brain's Executive Dysfunctions"
  • 8:30 pm EST - "The Illusion of Time"

Tuesday, Feb 2nd

  • 7 pm EST - "The Great Mystery: ADHD & Motivation"
  • 8:30 pm EST - "Getting Things Done"

Tues, Jan 26th, 7 pm Eastern

The Impact of the ADHD Brain's Executive Functions

Let me introduce you to the CEO of your brain. The non-ADHD (neuro-typical) brain guides a person through life with well-developed and effective executive functions. In contrast, those of us with ADHD (neuro-diverse) brains are more likely challenged by our executive dysfunctions. This seminar will explain why you may struggle in life; why your perfectly good intentions fly out the window and why others misunderstand and judge you so frequently. I will share tools and tips to improve your executive function and make your life more manageable.

"The Impacts of Executive Function" Add to your cart - $25

The Illusion of Time

Why do people with ADHD run late, lose track of time and underestimate the time required? Those of us with ADHD know that our friends and family get tired of us you being late. Time is often a mystery to us living with ADHD and leads to frustration and anxiety. This seminar will explain why we are faced with challenges of time management. I will introduce you to strategies and tools to help you take charge of your time.

Tues, Jan 26th, 8:30 pm Eastern

"The Illusion of Time" 
Add to your cart $25

Tues, Feb 2nd, 7 pm Eastern

The Great Mystery: ADHD & Motivation

You’d think that getting started would be a simple task but not for people living with ADHD. This seminar will help explain why people living with ADHD frequently experience lack of motivation. You’ll learn the most significant issue that prevents you from hitting that start button and taking action on your tasks, projects and ambitions. I’ll give you some ADHD hacks to help you from feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I will also show you how to break through that invisible barrier that stops you cold.

Getting Things Done

It’s not that we don’t have good intentions, we just don’t have a good track record of starting and getting things done. Once we get going we often are thrown off track by even the smallest thing. This seminar will lay out specific strategies to help you get off to a good start, stay on track and complete your tasks and intentions.

Tues, Feb 2nd, 8:30 pm Eastern

Presenter: CoachRudy Rodriguez, LCSW

Rudy Rodriguez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Intrinsic Coach®. He first began working with ADHD children in 1981 and has maintained a private clinical practice in Asheville, NC since 1993. He was diagnosed with ADHD in 1983. As an ADHD adult himself, he brings a very personal understanding of ADHD as well as his clinical experience and coaching expertise.

CoachRudy is the Founder of the ADHD Center for Success where specializes in working with ADHD. He brings his passion and commitment to partner with ADHD adults to co-create successful experiences in their lives, their relationships and careers.

Rudy Rodriguez